London based string ensembles available for hire

Frequently asked questions

Naturally every Apollo Strings client has questions regarding their booking and we have listed the most common questions below. If you have any questions that are left unanswered by the below list then please do feel free to get in touch with us at or call 07780 631 786.

What will Apollo Strings wear to my event?

The standard attire at Apollo Strings is elegant, full length, black evening dress with appropriate jewellery but we are also happy to wear coloured dresses if you would prefer or even try to match the colour scheme of your event!

How do I know which Apollo Strings ensemble or soloist to choose?

Apollo Strings offers a string orchestra, quartet, trio and duo as well as a harpist or soprano. If your event is quite small and intimate any of the Apollo Strings choices would be great for you, although bare in mind that the smaller ensembles are able to fit into smaller spaces! If your event is very large with many guests we would suggest choosing one of the larger ensembles so that the sound carries well enough for all your guests to enjoy the entertainment.

Where is Apollo Strings based?

Apollo Strings is based in London although we have travelled all over the world performing and are always happy to travel. For bookings further than 70 miles away from London extra fees and accommodation expenses may be charged.