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Unique choices for wedding music

Wednesday, June 12 2019

Choosing your wedding music isn’t easy. It’s not just a case of choosing your favourite songs or pieces, but choosing music that will best reflect you, your marriage and the whole feel of your wedding day.

There are very few rules when it comes to selecting music for your wedding ceremony so why not think outside the box? Of course, if you’ve always wanted to walk down the aisle to Wagner’s Wedding March then go for it, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous then there are some fantastic pieces of music just waiting for you to consider them!

Many people are inspired by the latest chart hits or perhaps the latest TV series theme. The main theme for Game of Thrones has been requested a lot and it always gets a laugh out of the guests as it’s the last thing they expect the string quartet to start playing! Another song that everyone knows is ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. This is a piece of music that works really well for quartet and simply makes everyone happy! It’s a great piece to choose as you’re leaving the ceremony but it also works well during the drinks reception later on – or why not both!?

Apollo Strings were once commissioned to arrange ‘The Final Countdown’ for the bride to walk down the aisle to – we were a little nervous about this unique request but it worked brilliantly and all the guests were smiling and laughing as the bride entered the room with a beam across her face.

Other amusing choices have been the James Bond or Mission Impossible themes. Not for everybody but they’ve certainly had a good reaction on the occasions that we’ve been asked to play them!

Some brides have even succumbed to their husband to be’s love of football and we’ve played their teams theme tune as they exit the ceremony. Perhaps this is when the bride gets her own back by requesting the whole of the Frozen soundtrack to be played during the reception?!

The main rule is to choose music that means something to you – it’s your big day and the soundtrack is important. Think about the music that moves you or makes you feel happy and go for it. However unique (or not!) your music choices are, they are special to you and no one will judge you on the soundtrack you choose for the most important day of your life!