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Placing a string quartet, trio or duo at your wedding

Wednesday, July 17 2019

A lot of clients contact me and say they have no idea about quartets or their music but they know they want one – if this is you then don’t feel alone! There’s absolutely no shame in knowing nothing about something you’ve never thought about in the past and it’s my job to make sure you are totally clued up so panic not!

Your first port of call when contemplating music at your wedding should be to double check with your wedding venue(s) that they are happy for you to have live music. Some venues only hold licenses for smaller ensembles and some will want to see public liability insurance certificates, which we have.

If your venue gives you the go ahead then it’s time to start thinking about which ensemble will suit your needs best. Think about the space provided and whether you think your ensemble choice will fit here and also about the number of guests you’re inviting. If your wedding is a small, family affair then the Apollo Strings Duo will probably be your best option but if you have over 60 guests then I would recommend the Apollo Strings Trio or Quartet.

Once you’ve decided on your ensemble size make sure you’ve envisaged where they will play for each part of your wedding day. If you’re making a booking for the ceremony and reception for example, have you thought about where they will move to following the ceremony? It’s also worth thinking about a weather contingency plan as it’s not only the rain that affects the musicians and their instruments – direct sunlight, cold weather and wind are also problems. Some venues will provide temporary gazebos, which provide great shelter from sunlight but if it’s raining and blowing a gale this may not be an adequate option. Fingers crossed for a beautiful sunny day with plenty of shade for the musicians!