London based string ensembles available for hire

Why string music is the perfect wedding entertainment

Saturday, May 1 2021

As I’ve said before, live music adds something to an event that recorded music can never match. However, there are many different kinds of live music to choose from so how do you choose what’s right for your big day?

Now to plug all things strings – Apollo Strings offer a string soloist, duo, trio, quartet, sextet, octet and harpist! We like to think we’ve covered most string bases here in terms of your budget, noise limit and space allowance so hopefully there’s something for you in the above list.

The soloist and duo options are great for smaller weddings and even though there are fewer musicians involved, live music will always add the wow-factor and impress your guests.

The Apollo Strings Trio and Quartet both offer a great range of repertoire and this is continually growing as we endeavour to keep up with the latest hits. Many clients choose to opt for traditional, classical music during the ceremony and then surprise all their guests with our more contemporary music during the reception, playing hits such as ‘How Long Will I Love You?’, ‘Love Me Like You Do’, Stay With Me’ and ‘Happy’.

Some clients are looking for that little something extra and for this the Apollo Strings Sextet or Octet are perfect! What could be more wow than being welcomed to an event by 6 or 8 beautiful musicians playing stunning music? These ensembles share the quartet’s repertoire but are both a visual and audio treat that your guests may not be expecting!

The Apollo Strings Harpist is a classic and fairy-tale choice that you can’t go wrong with. Many of our harp clients seem to concur that since being little girls they’ve always dreamt of having a harpist at their wedding and we’re here to make dreams come true! With both classical and pop music in the repertoire the harpist can offer a fantastic range of music and wont take up as much room as some of our larger ensembles.

If you have any questions regarding which of our ensembles would be best for your event do get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to answer questions and advise – that’s what we’re here for!