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Why you should consider hiring musicians at your wedding

Wednesday, June 19 2019

Every wedding no matter how big or small has a wedding budget and there are so many elements to fit into this. The venue, the outfits, the flowers, the cake… and the live music!!

The difference between having live musicians or having a CD is huge. Live musicians not only sound better than any CD, they provide the guests with a visual treat too. How many of your guests have enjoyed live music performed by top professionals at such an intimate setting before?

The music during your ceremony may also need to be tailored. If the piece you walk down the aisle to is very long, your musicians can simply come to a cadence point and make it sound like the music finished just at the perfect time. If you have a CD it either needs to be stopped or faded out – this isn’t ideal for setting the most romantic day of your lives!

Apollo Strings can provide any number of musicians so if your budget’s small you can always consider a soloist or perhaps the Apollo Strings Duo.

Having live music at your wedding will enhance your wedding day and you and guests memories of it so look into the options before dusting off that CD player – you may be pleasantly surprised by what you can afford!