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How to pick appropriate wedding entertainment

Wednesday, May 1 2019

Picking the music for your wedding is a very personal decision to make. This is the music that will create the soundtrack to your big day so whether it’s ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams or Pachelbel’s Canon, just make sure your choices reflect you as a couple and you can’t go wrong.

There are three key stages of a wedding day that Apollo Strings can perform for; the ceremony, the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast. Apollo Strings offers a string soloist, duo, trio, quartet, small orchestra and harpist so there are lots of options to choose between!

The things to consider when booking your wedding entertainment are:

  • Firstly, check what your venue will allow – live music licenses may need to be obtained and many venues have decibel limits (although this is more applicable to the serious boogying later on!).
  • Think about the space you have available- perhaps there’s only room for a harpist or string duo in your ceremony room, or maybe you have a large enough space for the Apollo Strings Orchestra to wow your guests!
  • Apollo Strings has been designed to cater for all spaces and budgets so fear not if you only have a small amount to spend – the smaller options may be cheaper but they still sound and look beautiful and will sound a million times better than any CD!
  • If your wedding isn’t being held in a church make sure that none of your music choices are religious. This is the law and it’s very important you abide by it. Some registrars are more relaxed than others but the vast majority take this very seriously.


Live music of any kind really adds to the atmosphere of an event and definitely helps to make it a memorable one. If you’re concerned that you can’t afford live music throughout then pick the parts of your day that you would most like live music played. Just remember, it’s your big day and it doesn’t matter that your Aunt Doreen’s favourite band is The Beatles or that your nephew reeeally wants you to walk down the aisle to The Peppa Pig theme – pick the music you love and you’re sure to look back on your day with happy, happy memories!